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2 May
Yo :D You have come to Linnea's userinfo. I'm a 15 year old girl who lives in Sweden. This is my journal where I write about my life, my interests and fandoms. What are my interests? Well.. you can say I'm a little Japan nerd. I am a major fangirl of boys in Johnnys Jimusho, they have completely taken over my life and my wallet. My favourites are KAT-TUN & NEWS. From the start, 2 years ago, I was an anime/manga nerd and then I started watching j-dramas, which I still do and love. Since I started to consume japanese media I started to get interested in the japanese culture and language as well. I think it's very interesting with other cultures and languages. I'm quite sure I'm gonna read Japanese when I start upper secondary school next year. Besides the japanized part of me I also enjoy reading, play the piano, be with my friends, sit by my dear computer and I love to shop too (which is a bit surprising, I've never liked to go around and just shop, I started to like that last year or something). I also love cute and pink stuff, hello kitty and so on.. I also love to eat XDD I hope you got to know me a bit better by reading this!
Akanishi Jin, Japan, johnnys, KAT-TUN, NEWS, friends, family, my computer, cheese (yes I have a crazy love for cheese), food in general, cute stuff (I think I'm going to give up on my Hello kitty fandom though.. cause Cinnamoroll is waay cuter!), Harry Potter, japanese fashion, Tegomass, music, johnnys merchandise, pink, chocolate and the list goes on..
My journal is friends only for two simple reasons:

1. I like it to be private, you'll never know if some weirdos will read my journal D:
2. I think it's fun adding people this way. You get new friends and you get to know them better :D

If you want to be my friend, comment on my friends only entry otherwise I won't add you (if we haven't talked anywhere else of course)..
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