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23 January 2007 @ 08:22 pm
.. just a quick update. I just wanna say sorry for all those who are waiting for me to upload your requests.. I've been quite busy with school works and other things right now but I promise I will upload your mp3s some time this week. So, please be patient. :)

Sorry again!

20 FEB - EDIT - Ok I promised too much, I never got time to upload them, but now I have winter break for a week so I will try to upload them all now. I will start today. Sorry for being like 100 years late... ;_;


.. at least for now, will fullfill the remainging requests asap.

Since everyone was doing this I couldn't stop myself from typing up my own list.
So here's all johnny's songs I have on my computer and soon they can be yours ^_^

1. You can reqeust up to 10 songs or two singles or one album. (Or something like that, one or two songs more or less really doesn't matter ^^)
2. If you really want you can request more than one time but please wait a while between your requests. Other people want too! ^.^
3. I will upload to Megaupload/Sendspace/YSI. Please say where you want me to upload or else I'll just upload at Megaupload in the first place.
4. This list will be open over christmas and new year and probably some time after that. So don't feel stressed. And I will do all requests, so please wait patiently!
5. Please look first if the song you want already is uploaded! And if you snag something that's already uploaded please leave a little comment.

The list, beware.. quite big list~Collapse )
26 December 2006 @ 07:00 pm
I were really bored today so I decided to make Tegomasu icons. All their photoshoots have been so cute. ♥
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